Development of "Shinsaibashi POP", the Connectivity Area within the Shinsaibashi Data Center in Osaka City

~ Preceding the service launch of Sonezaki Data Center, scheduled to start operation in March 2024 ~

November 21,2023


OPTAGE Inc. (located in Chuo-ku, Osaka) will establish a new connectivity area, "Shinsaibashi POP (Point Of Presence)", within the existing Shinsaibashi Data Center in Osaka City, starting from Friday, March 29, 2024. This will enable us to start providing services equivalent to those planned for the Sonezaki Data Center, which is scheduled to start operations in January 2026. Additionally, we will be running a campaign to discount monthly fees for housing services and other services for new "Shinsaibashi POP" customers.

1.Background and Purpose

Recently, many companies and local governments are promoting DX initiatives, and the amount of data handled is increasing rapidly year by year. In many data processing tasks across services and locations, such as the use of 'hybrid clouds' that combine public cloud and data center, what is most required is low latency and excellent connectivity. In this context, 'connectivity data centers' is featured, having high-speed and diverse connection services, such as various cloud services, IX (Internet Exchange), and between racks within the same data center. In order to meet these needs, OPTAGE is proceeding with the development of the Sonezaki Data Center, and many customers have requested early use. Therefore, prior to the Sonezaki Data Center, we have decided to establish a new connectivity area "Shinsaibashi POP" within the Shinsaibashi Data Center, which is currently in operation.

2.Features of Shinsaibashi POP

●Location close to Dojima Area/Shinsaibashi Area

Shinsaibashi POP is located near the Dojima Area/Shinsaibashi Area, which has the largest concentration of communication traffic in Kansai and is a location with low latency and stable connectivity.

●Capable of interconnecting with numerous cloud/IX/ISP providers

We are building a redundant network between Shinsaibashi POP and the Dojima Area /Shinsaibashi Area using OPTAGE’s highly reliable optical fiber. By installing customer equipment at Shinsaibashi POP, interconnection with numerous cloud, IX, and ISP providers in each area can be achieved in a short period of time.

●Providing communication services tailored to customer needs at low prices

Utilizing our own optical fiber network, we provide ultra-high speed and wideband communication services tailored to customer needs at low prices.

3.Service Start Date

Friday, March 29, 2024

4.About the Campaign

In conjunction with the launch of service of the “Shinsaibashi POP”, we will be running a monthly usage fee discount campaign.

◆Period: March 29, 2024 (Friday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday)

◆Eligibility: Those who apply for "Shinsaibashi POP" for the first time during the above period.

◆Benefits: Up to three months free of the monthly usage fee for the following services used at "Shinsaibashi POP".
<Target Services>
Housing Service, Management Services, (Link to Japanese website)
Connection services (Cross Connect, Metro Connect, Fiber Connect)

For inquiries about other conditions, etc., and when considering using the service, please contact us at the following.

  • *:This campaign is limited to customers who start using the service within one year after receiving the application form.
  • *:The minimum usage period for each service is one year.
  • *:The application period and content of the campaign are subject to change without notice.